Branching Out Wood

Modern Functional Home Decor by David Wertheimer

Personal Journey

The Business of Wood

Personal Journey, Workshop & SafetyDavid WertheimerComment

Going from a few products and the idea of starting a business, to a business ready to face the world, is a lot of steps. There’s the administrative piece related to registering the business, insurance, and the like; the workshop logistics as I go from making one or two of something at a time to a few dozen; and since I’m exhibiting at shows, the preparation for that, including figuring out your tent, tables, displays, and how to get there. While everyone’s journey in this process will differ, this article shares a few of the steps along the way in my journey to get to my first show.

Branching Out Wood is born

Personal JourneyDavid WertheimerComment

The journey from technology companies in the San Francisco Bay Area to wood artisan was not something I would have expected even just five years ago, though the seeds had been planted in my childhood. This article shares the journey and motivation, learning the basics of woodworking and carpentry as a child, building things for myself and friends over the years, and an occasional day with Habitat for Humanity.