Branching Out Wood

Modern Functional Home Decor by David Wertheimer

I enjoy crafting pieces customized for your specific needs, incorporating antique or other special elements, and - depending on the complexity of the project - developing detailed renderings to help you understand how the finished product will fit into your existing decor.

Finished Projects

Both large and small, freestanding furniture and built-ins, lamps and tables. I look forward to hearing about your special requirements!

Design Process

I’ve built from detailed client designs as well as in a more collaborative process where the client has some rough ideas and is looking to me to flesh out the details.

Especially where there’s a lot of design left in my hands, many of the projects benefit from a photo-realistic rendering to help visualize the piece prior to construction. But I’ve done this even for very unique smaller pieces. Feel free to reach out on this process - its free if you purchase the piece, and available at a modest cost if you just want some help in exploring rough ideas.