Branching Out Wood

Modern Functional Home Decor by David Wertheimer


My Small Protest

Each day brings a new assault: on minority rights; on the environment; on science; on decision making informed by more than just profits, ego, and self aggrandizement; on our judicial system; and on civility and decency in our public sphere.

I oppose the current administration's efforts in small ways, by encouraging clean energy via my solar business, by volunteering my time to local organizations with priorities I value (GridAlternatives for solar; Habitat for Humanity for low income housing). And with this notecard, which I hope gives you and the recipients you send it to, a little laugh in these fraught times.

I want more!

Want a pile of these, in note card form, to send to your friends? Perfect! I'm happy to help, providing these close to cost. Order one, a dozen, or a hundred, and spread them far and wide!

The bright white textured notecards all have a high resolution version of this photo, with plenty of space for a personalized message.

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Where's It From?

This photo was taken early in the Bush administration, at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, by myself, but then updated for the current presidency by my friend Seth Berman, who does digital design in Florida.