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2017 Summer Festivals

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Woohoo! I have been confirmed in several late spring and summer festivals, and I hope to see you at one (or several!). In addition to just about everything on the site, I'll have a bunch of one-offs and special colors with which you can customize on-site, or won't be able to find online.


De Anza Success

March 4 DeAnza Flea Market

March 4 DeAnza Flea Market

Of course, these later festivals wouldn't have been possible without some early success at the De Anza Flea Market in Cupertino. Thanks to the friends and family, and the many customers and browsers in March and April. And an extra thanks to my boyfriend, Michael, who got up with me the first weekend at 5a to begin the drive south to set up in time.

Beyond introducing me to a number of customers, the Flea Markets provided invaluable experience:

  • How to drive cautiously with things both strapped to your roof and hanging out your trunk;

  • How to be ready with an umbrella despite a sunny forecast; and

  • How to triple check your assigned spot before unloading (whoops!)

On a more serious note, I got a few good show photos - a pre-requisite for the larger festivals - and I also identified a number of different ways to display product, which will be key for higher traffic shows. Hello, slat wall!

Please visit at any of the coming festivals. And I welcome other feedback on how to make the display more appealing, whether via comment here or via direct email. Thank you!