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I recently completed a few custom requested lamps, versions of the solid walnut Edison blocks that featured different species of wood: walnut with maple accent, and maple with purpleheart. Those special orders inspired a whole new line of pieces, featuring over forty different lamps with different hardwoods that will soon be appearing on the website and in shows.

I took pictures during the creation of the first few lamps to share the "birth story" with the recipients, and thought I'd share that with a little more detail for those curious about how the lamps are made, as well as to provide a little info for those who might like to try their own hands at building something.

Click on each of the photos below in the navigation strip to learn about the process.

Here we can see the first 24 of what will ultimately be over 40 unique designs: "sandwich" designs highlighting a contrasting wood between two identical layers, and "highlight" designs showcasing a beautifully -grained or -colored wood in contrast with maple. Thanks to both Kris and Aaron for the suggestions that have become this family of lamps.

I also will be doing some solid maple pieces, as well as - my new favorite - a wenge-walnut-maple piece that looks like chocolate, mocha, and vanilla. All of these combinations are available in 1, 2, or 3 bulb pieces, available on the online store.

Hopefully you can find something to fit your decor!