Branching Out Wood

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Ode to Recycling

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A few examples of applying the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle mantra to my workshop, and resources you can take advantage of that allow you to do the same. This is good for the planet, and good for your wallet. And - at least for me - gave me some warm fuzzies in meeting a community of fellow makers and woodworkers who could benefit from my scraps, and were willing to give me theirs, all free of charge.

Keeping the Lights On

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Much of what I sell requires “wall power” both to validate for the customer that it works, and to attract folks to the booth in the first place. Yet selling at booths, on the street or in a festival, I am rarely provided with power, and generators are almost never allowed. This article describes the battery / inverter / solar solution I’ve put together to close this gap.

Shameless (Self) Promotion: Solar Energy

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Sustainability has always been part of my creed, well before starting Branching Out Wood, and certainly living in Northern California has only cemented my practices. This article describes the net new solar investments I have made - and continue to make, what “net new” means and why it matters, and the thinking behind a solar business I recently started.

Every Last Scrap

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What to do with all those wood cut-offs, narrow strips, and odd-shaped pieces that just aren’t quite big enough to make a lamp or tealight? They’re too nice to burn or compost, and too many to give away as samples at the festivals. In this article, I explore share two ideas that I’ll be exploring in earnest in the coming months to keep the scrap bins from overflowing.