Branching Out Wood

Modern Functional Home Decor by David Wertheimer


Semi-Affordable 5 axis CNC Milling

CNCDavid Wertheimer2 Comments

3-axis CNCs are very accessible now to a small- to mid-size shop. But how might one go about upgrading that to a 4-axis or even 5-axis machine? And what are the limitations or barriers along the way, in hardware, in work area, in software, and of course, in cost? Join me in the journey as I pull together all my research of the last few months on how to upgrade my Inventables X-Carve.

Keep It Simple Stupid!

CNC, Workshop & SafetyDavid WertheimerComment

In installing a ceiling lift for my CNC, I attempted to build an auto-leveler to automatically move the gantry to keep the table balanced. What should have been an interesting but straightforward closed loop feedback system quickly got out of hand, making me one more victim who has learned the KISS principle the hard way.

Furniture Rendering Software

How To & Calculators, CNCDavid WertheimerComment

Exploration of the capabilities - furniture design, easy generation of multiple drawing projections, rendering, machining - of modern CAD / CAM / CAE software package by a woodworker with an engineering degree and late 90s CAD education, but then missed out on most of the developments over the last twenty years until his introduction to Fusion 360.

CNC & Torsion Boxes

CNCDavid WertheimerComment

A torsion box is a fancy word for two thin layers separated by a mostly-hollow core. Learn where they’re used and why, and how to build one for your CNC. Here, I built one to create a riser for my CNC waste board to bring the projects closer to the cutter.