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Four Nifty Steampunk Display Technologies

Technology & SteampunkDavid Wertheimer2 Comments

I love incorporating old technologies in bespoke designs, so let’s check out a few old display technologies. You’ve probably heard of the Nixie tube (or seen it in one of my creations), but have you heard of the one plane display? And you may have seen flip dot or split pane displays on a bus or at a ferry terminal, even though both are electromechanical display technologies of yore, yet available in new form factors. These are just a few of the ingenious devices that would allow display of complex information, and fit perfectly in a “Steampunk” aesthetic. And as an added bonus, check out the display made out of 6400 spools of thread!

Amazing Installation Technological Art

Personal Journey, Technology & SteampunkDavid Wertheimer2 Comments

San Francisco has an amazing maker community with a strong visual bent , as seen at an event co-hosted by The Midway, Pier 70 Partners, and Marpi. From an unexpectedly beautiful laser-lit fog, to a TV (or art display) with pixels mounted a few rotating arms, to an art installation featuring the exposed structural elements of Pier 70, come with me on a journey through a few of the highlights.

Edison Bulbs & LEDs

Technology & SteampunkDavid Wertheimer2 Comments

LED bulbs have taken over, available for around a dollar per bulb at the big box stores, all the way up to a few tens of dollars at Restoration Hardware. And, as you’d expect, there are wide differences in the characteristics of those bulbs. But how did we get to point where choosing a light bulb became more complicated than just wattage & size? This article outlines what attributes really matter in choosing an LED bulb so that you can understand the jargon and marketing hype, decide whether that $1 bulb is good enough for you, and see where even a top of the line bulb falls short of our incandescent expectations.

How did we get to this point where it

Computer-Generated Circular Art

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My failed journey in recreating Bruce Shapiro’s amazing Sisyphus “kinetic art” table took me deep into geometric patterns - and introduced me to the art and science of mazes, which I then tweaked to apply to circular mazes. Want a maze that will stump your kids for hours in that cross-country road trip, or with enough intricacy to expand to a wall-sized print? Then this is your article.

Keeping the Lights On

Technology & Steampunk, Sustainability, Products & Shows, Workshop & SafetyDavid Wertheimer4 Comments

Much of what I sell requires “wall power” both to validate for the customer that it works, and to attract folks to the booth in the first place. Yet selling at booths, on the street or in a festival, I am rarely provided with power, and generators are almost never allowed. This article describes the battery / inverter / solar solution I’ve put together to close this gap.