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The fifth in my series of tool posts, a full shop can still benefit from some small additions and upgrades - this post outlines a number of tools that don’t necessarily allow me to do anything new, but rather, allow me to do things I could already do either more quickly or with greater quality: a track saw, a large angle grinder, a domino cutter, right angle drill, a helical cutter head on my planer.

Keep It Simple Stupid!

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In installing a ceiling lift for my CNC, I attempted to build an auto-leveler to automatically move the gantry to keep the table balanced. What should have been an interesting but straightforward closed loop feedback system quickly got out of hand, making me one more victim who has learned the KISS principle the hard way.

Shop Tour: Part IV - Cutting & Carving

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Though there’s always more tools to get (and more space that’s needed), with the two major additions of a CNC and a compound sliding miter saw (and one minor addition, the miter-fold blade), the Branching Out Wood shop is now fairly well-rounded! Additionally, this post introduces some concepts - and limitations - of a three-axis CNC, and highlights the first project, a Nixie clock, that I’ll be using it on.

Shop Tour: Part III - Furniture

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In this third installment of my shop tour series, I walk through a few recent additions related to my shop: dovetail jigs, and a set of giant bar clamps. The main focus, however, is veneering - both the edge-banding and vacuum press equipment that allows me to turn a sheet of MDF into a beautifully veneered panel, and the motivation for why and when one might use veneers.

Keeping the Lights On

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Much of what I sell requires “wall power” both to validate for the customer that it works, and to attract folks to the booth in the first place. Yet selling at booths, on the street or in a festival, I am rarely provided with power, and generators are almost never allowed. This article describes the battery / inverter / solar solution I’ve put together to close this gap.