Branching Out Wood

Modern Functional Home Decor by David Wertheimer

Personal Journey

Amazing Installation Technological Art

Personal Journey, Technology & SteampunkDavid Wertheimer2 Comments

San Francisco has an amazing maker community with a strong visual bent , as seen at an event co-hosted by The Midway, Pier 70 Partners, and Marpi. From an unexpectedly beautiful laser-lit fog, to a TV (or art display) with pixels mounted a few rotating arms, to an art installation featuring the exposed structural elements of Pier 70, come with me on a journey through a few of the highlights.

Artists That Inspire

Personal JourneyDavid Wertheimer2 Comments

I see so many amazing artists and craftspeople at the shows I’ve done, at past gift shows I’ve attended in New York, and in wandering the furniture stores in San Francisco. Even a “highlights” reel would take too long, but these three businesses - Modern Cellar (by Tim Krablin & Melliza Taipe), The Art of Motion Control (by Bruce Shapiro), and Phuze Design (by Orfeo Quagliata) would be at the top of just about any list I would create.

It's a Tradition!

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Halfway through my first year of business, I reflect both on the recent business growth (and challenges), and the more distant past that got me to this point. I gained my patience, perhaps even joy for, retail from many years helping (and learning from) my mother in her business in Rochester, New York, and looking back on that brings up a few embarrassing - but thankfully low resolution - photos.